New webdesign project

This week I got a new project: to design a webpage for a small guesthouse in Austria. This job is unique (in some way) because I can’t use CMS to develop a portal. PHP and MySQL are not supported by the webhosting service – so I need to work with pure HTML and CSS. I found some old templates of mine, but they were not well-formed. Usually a mix from Tables and Div-s. I decided to form the page structure only by using div elements. I had to declare a header, left- and rightside, content in the center and finally a footer. The difficulty is to design the div elements with CSS – to see the same design in every popular browser. The Magic: first define padding and margin attributes everywhere to ZERO. After that you can play with the numbers (margin-left, padding-top…). By the W3C I validated the html and the css file as well: